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Adrianne Curry was born on August 6, 1982 at Joliet in Illinois. Her’s is a heartwarming story of being lifted to the heights where the doors of the glamour world are only a few steps away.

Adrianne is beautiful, she really is. And that’s what helped her to make the leap from being a waitress to being a temptress. Yes, she was a waitress, she dropped out of junior school, she did drugs, went to rehab but managed to get her act together when she got a chance. That chance was the first season of America’s Next Top Model. She won in the first season and that’s what makes her effort all the more memorable.

Adrianne is also strong willed and not afraid to speak her mind. Her revelations of how the program worked have led to her name being omitted by the TV guys when the program is mentioned. She has laid into the program host Tyra Banks on every occasion she’s had, comparing her to Naomi Campbell.

After winning the contest, Adrianne was hoping to land plump contracts but all she got dished was empty promises and work for which she still has to be paid.

Adrianne lives in Los Angeles and has racked up an impressive portfolio modeling for big names such as Life and Style Magazine, Marie Clarie, Macy’s, etc. Oh yes, the big one – she appeared in the nude for Playboy in February 2006 for which she got the paltry sum of US$1,000,000.

Her marriage to Christopher Knight – her co-star of The Surreal Life was as theatrical and surreal as anything else she has done so far. The couple’s pre-nuptial romance was aired on the reality show My Fair Brady; this show netted the lady a cool $250,000 and also the title of the hottest woman of Reality TV by Maxim.

Oh! Did I mention that Adrianne is pretty open about her bisexuality and gave a lowdown on her relationships on the Howard Stern show on October 3, 2005.

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Adrianne M Curry Technology Use

posted 5th December 2009

Adrianne M Curry is a celebrity who has recently been regarded as a vast business woman. Her efforts to have her business pick have seen her establish the use of technology in implementing her business strategies. She started her business venture which holds style blogs on MySpace website where she does her launching. This has resulted to a successful and interesting blog since it is backed up by technology which gives it perfect operations.

Today it is very distinct for Adrianne M Curry that her dress code and style can be easily identified. It’s an important aspect that the proper implementation of technology in her business has contributed to her career perfection. It has advanced her operations much since most of her deals are settled online including buying and selling. She has been known to have many friends who are very supportive in her ventures. Therefore she always multitasks to create chances of meeting her friends to maintain the respect that is mutual to both parties.

Being serious with her career, she usually files restraining orders to people who are not beneficial to her and in particular, stalkers. This is for instance her stalker Gellis who ended up sending her shoes of her favorite colors. Some of her actors in her movies also contribute negatively towards her business on my space; like Florence who significantly abused her husband on his choice of marriage. But the husband turned out to be silent and only raised arguments on the MySpace website. This is unlike his wife who went public and began arguing on the entire issue.
Adrianne M Curry has over time been to a perfect moral journey which allows her to guide other models. This is built from her waitress and modeling careers and today’s experience on designing and styling of fashion garments.

Adrianne Curry Takes Technology to the Next Level

posted 23rd January 2009

When you think of Adrianne Curry, technology probably isn't the first thing that pops into your mind. However, Adrianne is proving that she is a savvy business woman, and she is taking advantage of technology to help her with her latest venture.

As you may have heard, Adrianne recently announced that she was going to start a style blog on Since Adrianne has had an active blog on MySpace for quite some time, this may not sound like that significant of news. However, the reason that this is so interesting is because of the technology that is going to accompany this blog.

For the first time ever, when you see a picture of Adrianne on her new blog, you will be able to mouse over her image and find out exactly what she's wearing (from her belt to her shirt to even her makeup). While that would be a cool advancement in itself, this technology (which was developed by That's It!) takes things by the next level by allowing you to click the specific item you want and instantly purchase it online!

Who's Stalking Adrianne?

posted 25th September 2008

Adrianne Curry has a lot of fans, and she truly seems to appreciate all of the support that she receives from them. As you probably know, Adrianne regularly blogs and does other activities to allow her fans to interact with her as often as possible. While almost all of Adrianne's fans immensely respect her and would never dream of doing anything to harm her, it seems that one fan has taken things too far.

Last week, Adrianne announced that she had filed a restraining order (which she was later granted). The restraining order was filed against a woman named Shira Gellis. According to Curry, Gellis has crossed the line from being a dedicated fan and is without a doubt a dangerous stalker. Originally, Gellis showed up at Adrianne's home, allowed her dog to poop on the lawn, and then asked Adrianne for a bag to clean it up. She then begin harassing Adrianne on MySpace, and went as far as dedicating her entire MySpace page to Adrianne.

One of the strangest parts of this story was what Gellis sent to Curry. Adrianne stated that she received a pair Jimmy Shoes from her stalker, and that the shoes were gold and garnet. While this may not seem that strange, the shoes were not only Adrianne's exact size, but also her favorite colors. Adrianne summed it up best when she said, "Only a stalker would know that my favorite colors are gold and garnet. Only a stalker would remember my shoe size. I almost threw up."